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OF Future

50-year roof covering product guarantee

40-year product energy output guarantee

24/7 Outage Protection & System Monitoring

Class A Fire rating

Class 4 Impact rating

120 + MPH Wind rating

Welcome to Solar Tile Roof, the world’s leader in solar roofing technology.

Beginning more than half a century ago as Marley Roof Tiles North America our core team has well over 200 years of combined unparalleled, bottom-to-top, roofing industry knowledge, and is considered the pioneers of every major advancement in the roofing industry from 1960 to the present, including solar roofing –

Together with our global manufacturing partners, we work to design and create and distribute the world’s most sustainable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solar roof and solar-integrated roofing system, capable of producing Clean Green Energy for decades to come.

Solar Tile Roof provides customers with direct sales support and project pricing which is honored by our Nationwide network of manufacturers specially trained and licensed sales and installation contractors – who purchase the solar roof installation material package directly from Solar Tile Roof.

In order to make the required impactful reduction of carbon emissions to help preserve planet Earth, Solar Tile Roof has started a revolution, a radical change to the way the world views roofing – roofs are now seen as a way to create clean green energy while simultaneously reducing energy consumption, thus having the greatest ability to significantly reduce carbon emissions globally.

Join the roofing

Make the radical change with Solar Tile Roof – purchase our products and you will become part of the largest concentrated effort to reduce global carbon emissions – you will literally be investing in the preservation of planet Earth for many generations to come!

Solar Tile Roof puts preserving planet Earth ahead of making profits!

At Solar Tile Roof, we offer for sale a large variety of styles and colors of solar roofs and or solar integrated roof tiles – we have a solar roof product for almost everyone’s budget and tastes.

Our goal at Solar Tile Roof is to sell solar roofing to the general masses and to an amount that can help make an impactful contribution towards the reduction of global carbon emissions.

Understanding the Solar Tile Roof revolutionary sales market platform;

We offer for sale through our installation contracting network brand new lightweight solar and roof all-in-one roof packages in a variety of styles and colors.

We also offer for sale through our installation contracting network in a variety of styles and colors solar-integrated roof tiles intended to be utilized//integrated with;

Existing clay and concrete tile roofs – in essence having the ability to convert or as we like to say “Upgrade” an older existing concrete or clay tile roof to a solar tile, roof literally overnight – without removing and disposing of the entire roof, rather simply swapping out some of the old roof tiles for the new solar integrated roof tile [lowest carbon footprint roof ever]
Newly ordered clay and concrete roof tiles [the world’s largest mainstream roof sectors] and or the POLYMARLEY lightweight roofing system.

Ready to Experience the Solar Tile Roof Difference?

Contact Us Today and Transform Your Roof into a Solar Masterpiece!

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