50-year roof covering product guarantee

40-year product energy output guarantee

24/7 Outage Protection & System Monitoring

Class A Fire rating

Class 4 Impact rating

120 + MPH Wind rating

Welcome to Solar Tile Roof, active solar integrated energy-producing roof systems & non-active energy-saving roof systems.

Manufacturing partner and Distributor of the world’s most sustainable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing roofing systems, capable of producing Clean Green Energy for decades to come.

A Solar Tile Roof pays for itself faster over time than any other roof and solar combination because it is the only roof in the world that reduces a structure’s energy consumption requirements [cool roof] while simultaneously producing clean green solar energy. NOW THAT’S COOL!

Created for maximum sustainability and designed to integrate directly into almost any building structure with a sloped roof.

Available as an entire Brand-New lightweight solar integrated Solar Tile Roof for new construction or as a replacement / re-roof.

Also available as an immediate Upgrade to a Solar Tile Roof for clients with an existing standard concrete flat tile roof system OR for clients who purchase a new standard flat concrete tile roofing system.

 A Solar Tile Roof has the lowest carbon footprint of any roof system in the world, from the product manufacturing process and through the completed product installation phase and intended operating lifecycle.