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To receive specific project pricing for a NEW Solar Tile Roof either as an Upgrade, re-roof or new construction project please fill out the form below and provide the information as requested.

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    Upload a curb view picture of the home including existing roof

    Upload a copy of your utility provider billing detailing monthly and yearly usage

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    Within 48 hours of Solar Tile Roof receiving a completed Pricing Request Form a Solar Tile Roof representative will respond to review submitted project information.

    Upon review of project information, the process of preparing budget pricing will proceed.

    To prepare budget pricing Solar Tile Roof utilizes the latest online imagery and other specific solar and roofing estimating data programs to view project location conditions and to determine sun angles, shading obstructions, roof type, and to obtain roof measurements.

    Solar Tile Roof, when preparing budget pricing specifically considers the following;


    Roof complexity


    Project Regional Location / Weather


    Solar Engineering & Energy Audit


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    Date for Install List