Solar Tile Roof Credentials


The McCormack Roof Tile family globally recognized project consultant, designer, manufacturer, and distributor of energy-efficient sustainable roof tiles and building products; collectively over 300 years of hands-on experience.

1969 – Redland Tiles Ltd [Cowie, Stirlingshire Scotland]

Manufacturer apprentices at one of the world’s largest manufacturers of clay and concrete roof tiles. The factory, the first of its kind in Scotland, produced high-quality roof tile more efficiently at a higher quality standard than any other roof tile company at the time.


Partnered with Marley Roof Tiles established in 1924, recognized as one of the world leaders in roof tile manufacturing, to bring Marley roof tile manufacturing to North America.
[McCormack’s retains the sole manufacturing and distribution rights in North America]

McCormack’s, famously known for developing and manufacturing the North American “all climate” Marley concrete roof tile and installation system, the best in quality in every known roof tile testing category, 50-year fully transferable warranty.

Over a hundred million roof tiles are manufactured and sold globally, the majority being concrete roof tiles installed throughout North America.

Professionally attributed with contributing significantly to the development of the North American [ASTM and CSA] standards and guidelines for manufacturing and the installation of concrete roof tiles.


Original designers and developers of the elevated roof tile batten system and waterproof breathable roofing membranes.


Initiate work on lightweight concrete roof tile formulas and Polymer resins to develop a sustainable lightweight roof tile for the global market.


Original designers and developers of Polymer lightweight roofing tiles

Partner with GE Plastics North American Polymer Lightweight Roof Development


Partner with Weyerhaeuser – James Hardie Siding, assisted in the creation and development of North American product manufacturing formulas and coatings to achieve Class A fire rating and to sustain North American varying weather conditions.


Sold the concrete manufacturing factories to [ Monier, Boral, now Westlake], who utilized the equipment to manufacture the same shapes and sizes as the original Marley roof tile albeit with a different brand name.

Founded the Marley Roof Tile North American Loyalty program preserving the global legacy of the Marley brand name as well as instilling integrity in the concrete roof tile marketplace.

Partner, National Installation Contracting with North America’s leading roof tile manufacturing companies.

Partner /Consultant with Polymer roof tile manufacturers globally


Initiated the design and manufacturing of roof tile-specific solar panel mounting systems allowing an energy-producing element to be added to an already energy-saving concrete roof tile system – the only roof in the world that simultaneously saves and produces energy = lowest carbon footprint.

Partner, National Solar Installation Contracting with globally recognized solar manufacturers, specializing in solar-integrated roof tile installations


UK Partnership – solar panels integrated as a roof covering installed directly with Marley roof tile system w [no traditional solar racking] solar panel and roof covering all in one – The first-ever solar roof


Partnered with European solar designers and manufacturers to develop solar-integrated concrete and Polymer-based roof tiles to be integrated into global roof tile lines.

Products are manufactured and sold throughout Europe and Africa.

Global Consultants in the development and manufacturing of safe and efficient “all climate” solar integrated roof tile systems.


Committed all resources to bringing safe & and efficient, innovative, and aesthetically appealing lightweight solar integrated roof tile systems to the North American market.


The initial system design and manufacturing phase of Polymer Active and Passive roof tile assembly systems


Third-party North American system testing for permitted use throughout.


First North American solar integrated roof tile installations [model system testing]


All roofing material designed and manufactured is North American approved [including Class A fire rating] by certified testing authorities.