McCormack – Globally energy-conscious roofing before it became Cool!

Since 1969 the McCormack family is globally recognized for developing the formula and manufacturing the world’s most sustainable “all-climate” concrete roof tiles – with a 50-year guarantee & lasting much longer.

On behalf of Marley Roof Tiles – McCormack manufactured globally, hundreds of millions of roof tiles, the majority being concrete roof tiles manufactured, sold, and installed throughout North America.

Concrete roof tiles are considered to be the most sustainable and energy-efficient materials available; they are a reflective product and act as an insulator to help contain warm or cool air inside your home.

By the 1980’s the McCormack’s were developing and perfecting advanced concrete roof tile installation techniques [ elevated batten system], including developing advanced waterproof, durable & breathable underlayment, making their concrete roof tile system the most durable and most efficient /best energy-saving roof in the world. Though because of the additional weight, concrete roof tile is typically only applied to the new or upgraded construction market, not the reroofing market.

In the 1990s McCormack’s in an effort to make their roofing system available to both markets became the one of first roofing companies to develop and manufacture lightweight roofing tiles utilizing recycled and reusable polymers

The McCormack’s were one of the first roofing manufacturing companies to offer concrete roof tiles and polymer lightweight roof tiles – offering a complete product line that was sustainable, recyclable & reusable as well as energy efficient, and available for new construction as well as the re-roof markets.

By 2000 the McCormack’s had perfected the manufacturing and installation process of concrete and polymer roof tiles and sold their roofing manufacturing business to focus on bringing their energy consciousness business platform to other global roofing manufacturers and to further the advancement of globally sustainable and energy efficient roofing. As well as becoming one of the largest Nationwide roof tile installation contracting companies.

In 2003 the McCormacks began working with solar panel manufacturers first to develop an installation protocol [safe and practical] that would allow solar to be added on top of a concrete tile roof system without compromising the integrity of the roof – specifically developing roof mount brackets for solar panels which are intended to be installed covering cement roof tiles, and later a system that enables solar panels to embedded within the roof tiles themselves as part of the roof covering – the first form of solar integrated tile roofing.

By 2005 solar panels have been successfully mounted on top of concrete tiles roofs, making the solar and roof combination, if all installed correctly, the only roof in the world to save energy and produce energy at the same time.

The only drawback or criticism that solar roof tile integration received at the time was that the large solar panels departed from the esthetic beauty of the concrete roof.

In 2007 McCormack’s had the solution; an actual Solar Integrated roof tile; the idea was pitched to, at the time the largest Solar dealer in US , Solar City [now Tesla Solar], who loved the idea though at the time could not invest ;

– like anything new and innovative, it was too expensive for the market to bear – Solar panels were cheaper and becoming more widely accepted.

Not to be deterred the McCormacks along with their global partners pushed forward with developing a solar-Integrated roof tile system for the widely accepting European & UK markets.

Since 2010 McCormack’s aligned directly with manufacturers developing innovative solar-integrated roof tile systems and to date is collectively recognized as the global authority on solar-integrated roof tiles systems with the greatest number of solar-integrated tile roof installations globally.

McCormack –Solar Tile Roof did not invent solar integrated roofing, though we are working to perfect it in the most globally conscious manner possible.

Solar Tile Roof is a solar-integrated roof tile market specialist & industry builder and is grateful to have inspired countless other well-respected global solar-integrated roofing manufacturing companies to join the Solar Tile Roof revolution.