Ordering Process


If upon the physical roof & project location inspection, it is determined that details differ from those reviewed in the Solar Tile Roof no obligation budget pricing consult figures and as a result, cause project cost to exceed the budget pricing presented.

Note; typical additional /unexpected costs found during roof/location inspection are, electrical/main panel upgrade, preexisting roof conditions that require addressment, sun arc and shading conditions.

Solar Tile Roof will notify clients and provide updated project pricing, detailing the additional costs added to the original budget proposal. At this time clients are able to decide to continue with the project or cancel and have the deposit returned in full.

The deposit is returned in full if at any time up until the Solar Tile Roof install date either party informs the other of their inability to perform obligations within the agreed contract and that prohibit the execution of the contract & installation of the roof.

Note; Each party agrees to hold the other harmless and absolving one or both parties in a contract of legal liability for any damage suffered.