Tile Legacy of McCormack Solar Tile Roof & Marley Roof Tile

Owen Aisher founded the Marley Tile Company [roof tile manufacturing] in 1924, in Kent England.UK.

His son, Sir Owen Aisher continued the family business, bringing Marley to North America in 1979, where introduced to the McCormack roof tile family [ James, Peter and Paul] who then became employed at Marley North American as product manufacturing and quality control specialists.

By 1982 Marley had 5 manufacturing plants [ California, Florida and Ontario], with the McCormack’s employed in charge at two and contributing to the others.

In 1986 the Aisher family-owned Marley business began restructuring, Sir George Russell joined the company as Chief Executive to help guide the company.

In 1989, after a complete company restructuring, Marley was leaving North America to focus on European, African and other markets.

Though with the assistance of Sir George Russell and with Aisher family blessing, James McCormack and his partners were able to secure a North American Marley manufacturing and distribution license agreement which would allow the Marley roof tile global brand to be continued be supported in North America.

In 1989 James McCormack and partners formed Stirling Building Products [ SBP] ; Under the terms and conditions of the sale of the Marley business to SBP , they were allowed to use the Marley name under license to describe the tiles they manufactured and sold. They were not however permitted to use it in relation to any guarantees given by the company.
Though In 2000 SBP made the decision to cease manufacturing concrete roof tiles, and instead explore other roofing industry related business opportunities.

[Nationwide roof tile installation contracting and Global building sector consulting].

Through the great efforts of the McCormack family [and extended Marley family partners], Marley concrete roof tiles were manufactured and sold throughout North America for 21 years from 1979 through to 2000 = well over 100 million roof tiles were manufactured, sold and installed.

Most impressive is the McCormack family effort to preserve the global legacy of the Marley brand name – 23 years and counting since ceasing manufacturing operations and the product continues to be supported through the McCormack founded Marley Roof Tile North American Loyalty program.

In 2022 the McCormack’s [Solar Tile Roofs] partnered with SOLTEQ and are excited to exclusively offer to North America the SOLTEQ MARLEY light weight solar integrated interlocking roof tile system.

Inset picture James McCormack and J. Anthony Bowden 1989 Transitioning from Marley to SBP [Original Marley sign still on plant wall in background while unveiling new SBP sign in forefront]