• POLYMARLY [Polymer] Roof Tiles meet or exceed all IBC International Building Codes & IEC International Energy Codes & Certifications.
  • Polymer Roof Tile Certification & Listings are pending in North America as follows;


ASTM E 108
UL 790
Class A or C Burning brand, intermittent flame, and spread of flame.
UL 2218 Impact Class 4 Two-inch steel ball weighing 1.2 lbs dropped from 20 feet
ASTM D3161 same as
UL 997 Wind Uplift
UL 580
Tolerated – speed @ 110mph
Accelerated Weathering ASTM 4798 Indistinguishable color change. No appreciable change in tensile strength.
Freeze-thaw ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria ACO7 section 4.9 No indication of spalling, crazing, cracking, or other deleterious surface changes.
Section 4.4 Loads
Tolerated an applied load of 200 lbs.
ASTM D 471 Water Absorption Virtually no water absorption.
ASTM D 3462 Nail Pull Through 140 lbs. Resistance at 32 F
168 lbs. Resistance at 72 F
ASTM G21 Fungus (algae) Does not propagate fungus growth
ASTM D 638
Tensile Strength
No meaningful reduction of strength.
TAS-100 The system tolerates 110 MPH blowing simulated rainwater
ASTM D6083 & D6694. Accelerated Aging /Sustainability
50 plus yrs.

Material Specifications

Compression resistance 15 mPa (2.175 psi)
Cross-breaking strength 10 mPa (1,450 psi)
Temperature range -60° … +80°C
Frost resistance more than 500 cycles
Density 1,500 kg/m3 (93.6 Ib/ft3)
Flame spread No flame spread
Abrasiveness 0.2 q/m3
Water absorption 0.06%
Fracture toughness 3.8 kgf/cm2
Biological stability Resistant to moss and mold spread
Chemical stability Does not react with acid and alkaline environment
UV-resistance Resistant to UV-radiation – doesn’t lose its color
Heat conductivity 2800 J/m2sec
Category of impact on the organism Harmless