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Designed to maximize a roof’s energy production and to help minimize energy consumption at the same time without compromising the aesthetics of the structure.

The only roof in the world that simultaneously creates and saves energy, paying for itself quicker over time than any other roof and solar combination

Created for maximum durability and designed to integrate directly into almost any sloped roof structure, a Solar Tile Roof can help pay for itself quicker over time than any other roof and solar combination, because it simultaneously reduces a structure’s energy consumption requirements [cool roof] while at the exact same time producing Green solar energy

Available as a brand-new roof to new construction or as a replacement / re-roof to existing structures or as an immediate upgrade to solar to existing roofs with standard flat concrete tile roofing systems.

The most aesthetically appealing, durable, and safe roof of any kind!

The lowest carbon footprint of any roof system in the world, from the product manufacturing process and through the completed product installation and intended operating lifecycle

Dual function as a solar and roofing material allows customers to save on building material. construction labor costs and time.

Premium, architecturally designed solar integrated roof system.

Convincingly enhances property curb appeal and increases property’s value.

Solar Roof tiles are engineered for all-weather durability, ensuring your home stays protected even in extreme conditions

Patented and innovative self-venting & self-cleaning product design and patented elevated clip installation system.

Compatible with most inverters and back-up battery systems that can store energy produced with solar, you can use this power at night when the sun isn’t shining or during a power outage /when the grid goes down and keep your structure running off of your clean energy.

With a smaller footprint than traditional solar panels = the ability to add more solar to your roof [working around vents, skylights or other obstructions easily]. This helps maximize the amount of solar energy a roof is able to produce

Designed for homes, buildings and other structures as either a replacement roof or new construction roof.

The light weight solar integrated roof system removes the need for structural engineering and reinforcements typically required for clay and concrete roof tile systems and on top of roof material rack mounted solar panels.