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In 2015 SOLTEQ [since 1982], innovators and manufacturers specializing in solar integrated roofing and MARLEY  [since1924], one the largest roof tile manufacturing companies [both companies well-known globally as the most well respected in their fields], partnered to develop the Solteq-Marley solar integrated product line.

In 2022 Solar Tile Roof [formerly Marley Roof Tiles North America] partnered with the Solteq-Marley team with a well-aligned vision.

With conviction, bring solar integrated roof tile to North America to help, on a mass scale, reduce global Co2 emissions. Doing so through globally integrating solar with the concrete and clay roof tile manufacturing and installation industry, the world’s largest roofing market.

Adapting and integrating solar directly into the globally popular roof tile market allows for greater product familiarity and acceptance from the end-user purchasers and as well from the distribution & installation contracting base.

Solar for the masses, offered and installed by the masses will have a greater impact on reducing C02 emissions.

A solar-integrated roof tile system offers the lowest C02 footprint of any roof system available – either as a completely new roof system or as an upgrade to an existing regular flat tile roof.

Our Solteq-Marley team has developed the most esthetically appealing, durable, safe, and efficient solar integrated interlocking roof tile system. Capable of directly integrating with the world’s most popular roof tile brands and or available as a complete all-in-one Solar Tile Roof.

Solar Tile Roof is excited to be the first distributor in North America to offer the Solteq-Marley lightweight solar integrated interlocking roof tile system.

Brand New Solteq-Marley Solar Tile Roof

The Solteq-Marley lightweight solar integrated roof tile is available as a complete brand new all-in-one Solar Tile Roof to new construction or as a replacement / re-roof to existing structures.

Available in a variety of colors. Product Selection | Request Project Specific Pricing

Upgrade to Solteq-Marley Solar Tile Roof

Also, the Solteq-Marley lightweight solar integrated roof tile is available as an immediate upgrade to a Solar Tile Roof for those clients with existing concrete flat tile roofs and or for clients purchasing a new concrete flat roof tile system.

For clients with existing concrete flat tile roofs Installation Contractor Service Providers are able to swap out a portion of the roof for the Solteq-Marley lightweight solar integrated roof tile, essentially Upgrading a client’s existing non-active regular concrete roof to an active Solar Tile Roof.

Upgrading an existing regular flat concrete roof tile system to a Solar Integrated Tile roof system may be achieved in just a few days.

Clients are also provided with the option of keeping the removed non-active regular concrete roof tile for their own purpose or donating them with the intention to be recycled/reused.

Save money, save time, save energy, recycle & reuse.

Making the “Upgrade” to an existing concrete flat tile roof the lowest carbon footprint solar roof in the world.

For clients purchasing new concrete flat roof tile roofs our solar engineers are able to analyze the order and reduce the amount of non-active concrete roof tiles initially ordered and replace them with active Solteq-Marley roof tiles.

The new regular non-active concrete roof tiles and the new active Solteq-Marley solar integrated roof tile will fit together seamlessly and installed simultaneously forming a completely new all-in-one Solar Tile Roof. Products | Request Pricing.

See How a Solar Tile Roof works / Why choose a Solar Tile Roof.

Exclusive Limited Time Offer

10% material discount in addition to available solar tax incentives.

During the initial Solteq-Marley product launch phase clients with existing Marley and other popular US Brand concrete flat roof tile customers may be eligible to receive a 10% material discount on either a Brand-New or Upgrade to a Solteq-Marley lightweight solar integrated tile roof system.

Contact Solar Tile Roof to learn more about the offer and to determine if you’re existing or newly ordered concrete flat tile roof is able to receive the Solteq-Marley lightweight solar integrated roof tile Upgrade and turn your regular concrete tile roof into a Solar Tile Roof.