Solar Roof Tiles Color Options

The Optimum Color Selection Recommendation Is Black;

The most cost-effective option.

Yielding the most watts per square foot reduces upfront energy-producing material costs with the ability to produce the highest energy output offset, thus helping to pay for itself quicker than any other color solar roof.

It’s the color that is the most readily available, providing for the quickest available install start dates.

Other colors


Are less energy efficient and as a result, more Active roof tiles are required to generate the required energy, resulting in 20% additional upfront material costs


Not readily available causing extended installation lead times.

Please note that the various tile colors on offer are not colored pigments or colored films that would reduce the light transmission and thus tile performance, but rather they are produced as a result of “surface passivation” of the surface structure of the silicon cells. A chemical process is used to produce the desired color effect which can be varied depending on the chemicals used. The colors of our tiles are therefore dependent on this manufacturing process which may result in slight color variations from one production run of tiles to the next. Please, therefore, note that the colors of the tiles in this brochure are as accurate as can be based on the color tolerances of our manufacturing process.

Request a sample for color verification.