Warranty and Guarantee

50-year limited Manufacturers Product Warranty

The manufacturers 50-year limited product warranty is fully transferable which covers the durability of the roof tile. The manufacturer does not warrant materials or labor provided by others. The limited warranty does not apply to or cover damage to the roof tile caused by consumer negligence, unusually severe weather conditions acts of a God, faulty construction of or defects in, the building or structure upon which the roof tiles are applied, structural movement, foot traffic over the roof tiles, conditions existed before or after roof tiles were installed. Roof or structural alteration after installation of the roof tiles whether such alterations be by additions or changes or replacement or by equipment installation.

Product is designed with high-quality materials and backed against specific product, weatherization. If you are a Solar Tile Roof owner, reference your limited warranty for complete details and any limitations or exclusions.

Product will be free from defects in design and materials for 50 years from the date your Solar Tile Roof is installed, except as otherwise noted in the Manufacturers Product Warranty.

Efficiency Output Production Guarantee

90% @ 15yrs, 85% @ 25yrs, 80% @ 40yrs

Product Installation Performance Guarantee

The Installation Contracting Service providers are responsible for providing performance and workmanship guarantees separate from a Manufacturers Product Warranty. Typical workmanship installation warranties range from 5 years and beyond.