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General Roof Installation

Disclaimer – The following information is not to be treated as installation instructions or guidance, rather the following particulars are intended for general informational purposes only.

Elevated batten system

All roof systems are installed based on the elevated batten & breathable roof system theory.

Specifically, an elevated batten roof system is best at preventing water or moisture from remaining on the roof – water is allowed to escape the roof area much faster with uniformity.

The continuous flowing air space created between the underside of the roof tiles and the roof deck acts to keep the area dry with far less risk of mold build up while the air is also acting as a home and roof insulator adding to home energy-saving costs. See Cool Roof.

By allowing the roof to breathe and vent and the home to be insulated, the life expectancy of a roof system is greatly prolonged.

Caution; non – elevated roof batten systems restrict roof ventilation and airflow and trap water and moisture in between the roof deck and the underside of the roof. Not Cool!


Roof tile systems may only be installed by installation contractors that utilize an elevated batten system in accordance with TRI, ASTM, and CSA advanced roof tile installation standards for extreme weather conditions. Specifically, refer to sections on advanced elevated batten & ventilation.


Tile Roofing Industry Alliance of North America


Following are ASTM International standards for concrete roof tiles:C1492-03(2016), Standard Specification for Concrete Roof Tile.

Information about this standard is available at


CAN/CSA-A220 SERIES-06 (R2016), Concrete Roof Tiles consists of two standards:

CSA A220.0, Performance of concrete roof tiles and

CSA A220.1, Installation of concrete roof tiles.

See for further information.

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